Science, freedom, beauty, adventure – what more you could ask of life?
Aviation combines all the elements a person loves.

Bismillah Airlines started her journey a decade ago in the aviation industry not only as the pioneer of international private airlines of Bangladesh but also with a vision where imagination, innovation and determination are the hallmarks of the business development. With our unrivalled blend of personal services, professional knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, dynamism we are today the most successful and largest international cargo airlines of the country.

Today, it is with great pleasure, humbleness and proud of the fact that in all the years of the company’s operation there has never been a case of a broken contract and company’s good reputation has been attracting reliable partners and devoted customers. With these esteem capabilities, global market presence and reliability in our hand we are proud to let you know that we have launched our new ventures for International Passenger Flights, Aviation School and Engineering &MRO facility of Bismillah Airlines.

The passenger service will connect our country & region with many untapped destinations around the world with non-stop point to point service, more frequency choices and affordable safe air travel. Being one of the most densely populated countries of the world we will take the correct advantage for developing our human resource in the field of aviation and utilizing them optimally to fit the cost effectiveness of this industry.
We wish to offer new horizon of services and facilities with our successful business development for building a happy & peaceful world.

M.A Mannan
Chief Executive Officer
Bismillah Airlines