Bismillah Airlines is the sister concern and member of the Mollah Group of Industries (MGI). A reputed group since the 1974 having solid business background in whole sale trade, water transport, international consultancy, international ship survey for international classification society, deep sea trawling, shipping, shipbuilding, banking, international trading like: counter trade, barter trade, 3rd country switching, STA, Entry port, export, industrial park (industrial estate), Entertainment park, manufacturing industries for product of bamboo & wood, stationary, Frozen Fish & Vegetables, Telecommunications, Contact Center, Business Process Outsourcing, Software, Engineering, Electronics for export and local demand.
Brief note about key companies of the Group as below:

Mollah Brothers Ltd. (1971):
Wholesale, Trading, Stocklist for Jute, Rice, Oil

Gomoti Water Transport Company(1974):
Operator of the water transport by launch boats and Shipbuilder.

The Marine Service(1974):
International consultant, Inspector, Surveyor, Representation of International Classification Societies like, KR, CR, KI, PRS, RNR, HRS, HINSIB etc. and also the owner of Gamoti Water Transport, Shimuzu Deep Sea Traveling and Mollah Shipyard & Engineering works.

Mollah Engineering Works (1977):
Manufacturers of Irrigation equipment, pump, long tail arrangement for country boat, Die & mould and small machineries and manufacture of Dollies, Trolleys, Steps and Ground Support Equipments (GSE)for Airlines.

Shimuzu Specialized Fishing Ltd.(1981):
First Japanese JV Deep Sea Trawling at Bay of Bengal. With two Trawler. Joint Venture with Japan.
Seafs Bangladesh Ltd.(1981):
First Bangladesh owned new deep sea Trawling with two Trawlers.

Manufacturer of bamboo & wood products including toothpick, chop sticks and BBQ sticks. This is the only leading Bamboo and Wood Processing factory.

Mollah Smile Group Corporation (1986):
Manufacturer and exporter of Disposable Plastic Gas lighter. Joint Venture with Taiwan.

Mollah Industrial Estate (1988):
First Private Industrial Estate for set up Industry.

Mollah Electronics Industries (1988):
Manufacturer of Electronics items including consumer items for Export

Naoi Industrial Company (1986):
Manufacturer and exporters of Staples, Stapler, Gems Clip, V.C Gems Clip, Paper Pin, Magnetic Pin Holder, Sharpener, Wooden Roller, Mechanical Pencil and Ball Pen.

Mollah Industrial Estate (1987):
First Private Industrial Estate in the Country at Daudkandi, Comilla, for own industrial Accommodation with a land of 25 acres.

NISU Ltd. (1988):
Govt. recognized Export House (Sogo Shosa) for handling all International Trade such as STA, Barter, Off-shore Trading, and Counter Trade, Export, Import and representation of international Company.

Mollah Techsystems Ltd. (2005):
Software Development, Testing, UI design, Data entry, tailor made solutions.

First international Contact Center with all cutting edge telecom, data communications and transmission equipments. This company is taking Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry of the country to top most level. Call Center, Software, Communication, Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center, Enterprise Solution for data protection and workplace security, Digital World Protection, Reseller for all renowned vendors & BPO

Mollah Filling Station & Travel Center (2008):
Nation’s most modern and secured Compressed Natural Gas filling station and layover center in the Highway with facilities like motels, restaurants, arcade center, car wash, workshops, super market and entertainment center.

Mollah Netcom Ltd. (2008):
Licensee of World's #1 General Use Car Rental Hertz. Hertz International granted exclusive license to Mollah Netcom on July 2010 to rent cars, buses and trucks on rental and lease. Mollah Netcom is operating under Hertz License and have made all the big corporations of Bangladesh its Customer both for leasing and general rentals.

Mollah Farmhouse Ltd. (2008):
State of Art Frozen Vegetables & Frozen Fish Processing Plant, with industry international standards exporting to North American, European and Middle Eastern markets.

Food Processing plant for modern snacks, cookies and hot drinks.

Aeronautical College of Bangladesh (2008):
First in Bangladesh Aeronautical College for Airlines & Aviation Industry. Joint Venture with UK. Approval by Edexcel and EASA.

Bismillah Flying School (2009):
First Private Flying School in Bangladesh Joint Venture with USA.